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Confessions of a Future World Dominator

(or, "Keep 'Em Guessing")

15 December 1984
I'm a young college graduate who is starting to truly make my way into the larger world around me. I'm looking for a full time job, fascinating thoughts, and any adventures which happen to present themselves to me. I share a lot about the latter two in this journal.

Feel free to comment, with the realization that I reserve the right to disagree as politely as you post. Really, I love a good debate as much as I love fresh input.

I'm a moderately creative and random guy who might just be a little bit crazy... but the title of the journal should have given that away. There are usually methods to my madness, and the madness is usually methodical. I usually enjoy playing the role of devil's advocate, and I think I'm addicted to contrarianism. Still, I can be reasoned with. Can you?

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"Marvelous," Foster said and his grin was now so deep it was almost ferocious. "Simply marvelous. So neat, so logical, so well ordered."
He paused and looked at Groteschele. Groteschele did not nod for he knew this was the opening of an attack.

You'd never get away with all this in a play
But if its loudly sung, and in a foreign tongue
It's just the sort of story audiences adore
In fact, a perfect opera